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Happiness. What comes to your mind when you hear the word Happiness? So many people are seeking to find what makes them truly happy. The definition of happiness is “the state of being happy”. In my personal opinion happiness doesn’t have an exact definition because each person has their own idea of what happiness is. The real question to ask yourself is what makes you happy? How can you be in the state of happiness for most of the day when there is so much stress and bad going on. Being happy and achieving happiness is a very achievable thing in life. But just like everything you have to work to make sure you find your own happiness. 

1. Learn what makes you unhappy
In my belief the first step in becoming a happy person is obviously eliminating what makes you unhappy! Taking out what makes you unhappy isn’t always cut and dry but there are ways around it. Try to take everything that you have around you and look at it closely to see what about it upsets you or makes you unhappy. If there is something that makes you unhappy but it isn’t easy to get rid of try to find little things to help you get through and to make whatever it is tolerable.

2. Find closure and forgive
Forgiving and closure go hand in hand. Sometimes you have to forgive others and sometimes you need to forgive yourself. The only way you will be able to receive closure is by having forgiveness for those who hurt you. Forgiving is something that is really hard to do but something that is needed to have closure. To achieve Closure on any loose ties will help you move on and focus on being happy. 

3. Focus on the good
Sometimes a midst everything going on in life it is hard to remember that there is so much good to balance out the bad. It Is easy to get caught up in the daily struggles in life and forget about all the good things going on. If you look at your life and pick out the good in everything that is going your way try to focus on the good. Focusing on the good in life will allow you to see the positivity you already have and help you be happier.

6. Find things that you love
One of the key things about finding your own happiness is discovering the things in life that make you the happiest! Branch out of your comfort zone and try and discover what will make you happy! Maybe its getting a gym membership and taking yoga classes or painting! Whatever you do that makes you happy make sure never to lose why you love it. 

7. Choose to be happy
My mom once told me that “you will never be happy until you choose to be happy with life”. I have never been told a statement so true! To be happy you have to decide for yourself that no matter what you are facing and all the obstacles that come your way you want to see the positives and find happiness. Choosing to be happy is simple you just chose to look on the bright side of everything and trust that life is going to throw you where you need to be tossed! 

Being happy may seem impossible but it is a goal that is achievable for each and every person! The only way you will achieve happiness is by choosing it!