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Each year millions of people use the new year to mark the start of a resolution, to change, possibly make their lives better... but how many people stick to their resolutions? 

It has become such a cliché thing that you start the new year off right with the best and greatest intentions! A few days or a week into it, you are doing great but then all of a sudden life happens and your new habit breaks before it even had the chance to stick... and it’s okay because we are all guilty of that! This year doesn’t have to be the same as all the previous years without even making one resolution. Following these tips can help start the year on a positive note! 

Here are my Top 16 ways to start 2016 off right! 

1. Be proud of all you have accomplished in 2015
I want to congratulate you on making it another year to 2016! Look back and reflect on 2015, the best parts and the not so great parts! Take the not so great parts and accept that they are what they are and leave them in the past! Take the great parts with everything that you were able to accomplish and look to expand and multiple them in this coming year! Despite what you think, you have done some pretty great things in 2015 and you are going to do even better in 2016! 

2. Have a positive attitude
I am not saying that you have to be rainbow and sunshine 24/7 but allow some light in your life! This year start off in believing in the endless possibilities of good that can happen! When you’re presented with something not so great take it and turn it upside down and look at how you can make this better and positive! I am a firm believer in the saying attitude is everything! With a positive attitude you are sure to have a positive year! 

3. Show your gratitude
Can you think of one or more people who have been there helping you out this year? Whether that person is a friend, family member, public figure, or whoever it is show them your gratitude by sending them a message! Whether they know it or not they had an impact on your life and your gesture of gratitude will make them quite happy and possibly give you some good karma... and hey who doesn’t want good karma to start off the new year! 

4. Stop taking yourself so seriously
Life is too short to always be serious, it is okay to have fun and laugh at yourself sometimes. 

5. Turn your dreams into reality
Think of something you have always wanted to do. Your dream doesn’t even have to be big, it can be something small like signing up for the painting class you always wanted to take! Do something for yourself that will make you happy! 

6. Wish the best for everyone
Wishing the best for everyone may seem difficult; especially if you have had a falling out. Despite the past and circumstances, wishing the best for others is important. If you want and hope that people will wish you well, then you need to lead by example. To ring in 2016 start by wishing those around you well.

7. Forgive
Forgiving people is sometimes easier said then done. When you forgive someone it does not necessarily mean that you are going to let them back into you life; rather that you are freeing yourself of a weight. The weight that you are freeing yourself by forgiving others is beneficial to you and allowing you to leave the past behind you!

8. Leave the past in the past
Who doesn’t appreciate a clean slate... I think everyone does once in a while! Use the new year as a clean slate by leaving the past in the past! What happened in 2015 and years prior have already taken place and can’t be changed. Accept past events and think about positive changes to make as you embark on making 2016 an amazing year. 

9. Set goals
Setting goals is one great way to remind yourself of what you hope to accomplish! Your goals for the new year can be something simple like reading a new book every month or something as elaborate as pursuing your dream of becoming a chocolatier. Whatever goals you set ,you can achieve with determination and persistence!

10. Take a chance
Let’s face it most people are creatures of habit and find themselves staying to the same safe regimens. This is a new year and a perfect time to take a chance, and be bold! I am not saying to do anything crazy but rather add a little spice to your life and talk to someone new or embark on a new adventure and go for a hike! Try and take a chance by doing something other then what you have become accustomed to. 

11. Find something you are passionate about
Passion is defined as: “strong and barely controllable emotion.” Do you have something in you life that excites you and makes you so happy that you can barely control it? Having something that you truly feel passionate about can light a fire inside you and can cause a world of good. If you are looking to find your passion you might be able to find one in a charitable cause, politics, athletics, or academics, whatever you have a passion for don’t be afraid to pursue it! 

12. Start a jar of positivity 
To start a jar of positivity you can take a jar with a lid and every time you create positive memories or have a positive thought write it on a piece of paper and place it into the jar! Whenever you have a bad day or need some extra positivity you can take a endearing note out and read it! A positivity jar is a great way to remind yourself of the good in your life and to reflect on happy times at the end of the next year! 

13. Say goodbye to toxic people
Saying goodbye is sometimes necessary and can be bittersweet! If there is someone that is constantly brining you down, getting you in trouble or has a negative impact on your life it might be time to cut ties! Starting the new year off right you want to have people around you who are there to be supportive and not to be hurtful. If you have a toxic relationship with someone, as hard as it can be, it’s best to cut ties and start 2016 with good influences and positive friends.

14. Do something charitable
Giving back and doing something charitable not only helps others but gives you an incredible warm feeling inside! In whatever way you are able to give back, it will benefit those in need. Some ideas of how to do charitable work are volunteering at a local food bank, helping raise money for cancer research, volunteering at a local hospital but those are only a few ideas as there are countless ways and opportunities to give back! 

15. Do something for yourself
Do not forget to do something nice for you! While at times life can be rather hectic and it is easy to forget to take care of yourself, always remember how important you are!

16. Believe in yourself
Ring in the new year by believing in yourself! You have already accomplished much in previous years and you will continue to do amazing things in the future!