Published on Huffington Post

The definition on for Positivity is “the state or character of being positive,” which is pretty vague for someone who is seeking to find positivity in their own life. I decided that I would create my own definition of positivity based on my perspectives and my beliefs of what the word means to me. I define positivity as the way “to look at the bright side of things; see the glass half full.”

My definition of positivity is what the word means to me but it is up to you to start changing your mindset to think in a positive manner! Growing up my parents have always instilled in me that my life is my perspective. I learned at an early age that the way in which you view things is going to affect how your life is in reality. When you are having a great day you can either accept that, or you can be negative and nitpick what could have gone better. The same goes for having the worse day of your life but choosing to pick out the blessings and things that went right.

If you change your perspective so that despite any difficulties and challenges you may be facing, you find a sliver lining of the good that is hiding, it will change your life! At first changing your mindset can be arduous but once you make a conscience choice to pick out a positive event from each day you will succeed. If you truly want to change your life for the better and gain a positive perspective then I have a challenge for you. Each night when you return home list three things that went well that day. I can give you one positive thing about your day so far, you woke up this morning and you are alive today! Every single day you wake up is amazing because every day is a gift therefore it can always count towards a positive thing that occurred for you today! Listing three positive things about each day could seem like a challenge but there are so many other positive thing that happen that you may not even notice! 

Negativity is contagious and so is the attitude of people who you surround yourself with! Its proven that those who you spend the majority of your time with are the people you emulate and share similar traits with! With that being said it is obvious if you are surrounding yourself with people who are have a negative mind set and look at glass half empty you can get stuck sharing the similar trait. I like to compare negativity to an infectious virus! When you come in contact with someone who is infected with the virus you are likely to also become ill as well. When people are infectious we hopefully try to avoid catching what they have. Just as the virus is something you wouldn’t want to surround yourself with so is negative people. Negativity is contagious and can easily invade and change how your perspective on the world. 

How you view life is your choice. Whether you choose to be someone who looks at the glass half full or empty it is a decision that deeply impacts your life and perspective. The people who you surround yourself with will impact your life and if they have a negative mind set its likely you can catch that too. You can choose to define positivity with any meaning it holds it you. If you are striving to find positivity in your own life remember each day to take just one minute and think of the three things that were positive that day!