When I was young and I would ride my bike around the neighborhood I would always fall. Each time I fell off I would run to my house crying with a scrapped knee or elbow. My parents would take time to find out where the injury was, wash out my cuts, apply disinfectant, and then apply a band-aid. After all those cuts and scrapes they would still let me go out on my bike again and again. Each time I got hurt they would take the time to go through the process over and over again because they loved me. 


God is like that with us. Each time we fall and run back to him he welcomes us with loving arms. He knows exactly where our injury is and he knows how to heal and help us overcome the pain we are enduring. 2,000 years ago when Jesus hung on the cross, he did so for us to be forgiven. No matter how far we stray, once we run back to God asking for forgiveness and are aware of our sins he welcomes us back and heals our wounds. 


Have you ever wished to be the perfect Christian or labeled someone as such because, there is no such thing as a perfect Christian. We are all sinners who have a perfect savior. 


The truth is that sometimes we all fall into temptation and make mistakes. No one is perfect and I can honestly say I am far from it. In my own life I have made plenty of mistakes, messed up and fallen short. The truth is each time we  fail and fall into temptation and mess up we have God’s grace that catches us and his loving hand that leads us back to where we need to go. Recently that is something I have learned in my own life. When I fall short and make mistakes I can learn from them and take those experiences to help grow in my faith and as a person. 


Sometimes when there is a problem and something isn’t right it doesn’t become clear until you step back from the situation and are forced to gain a new perceptive. In my personal life from past experience I know that making a mistake can happen so fast and subtly that it doesn’t become clear until I am standing in the middle of mess that was created from actions I made. The guilt, shame and all the emotions that come from making mistakes and knowing when I was really wrong can be so overwhelming that I just don’t know how to move forward. After getting shaken and taken back from the situation reality can hit really hard and when it does it is hard to face up to being wrong.  Life is about the choices made, and with those choices come reactions and consequences. Part of moving forward and learning is owning up to the situation, being responsible for actions, identifying where I went wrong and asking God to guide and forgive me. 


Recently I have made mistakes in my own life and made choices that I should have done differently. Looking back on situations I know where I failed and what I could have done better. There are things that I am not proud of but they are things that I have to live with and learn from. The truth is that I am a sinner. I have made mistakes and fallen short many times. Actions have consequences and things don’t heal over night, but God’s love has and always will be there through it all. Each time I fail, God welcomes me back with love and uses the experiences to make me a stronger person and push me closer to him. 


My parents have always told me that some of the most important lessons I will truly learn from in life are ones I learn by falling from. Each time I stumble and fall God has been able to take it and use it as a catalyst to allow me to become wiser and teach me a lesson I need to learn. When I get myself in those situations and I don’t know how to move forward, or what to do Gods grace always saves me. 


There has been times in my life where I feel so close to God and there are times when I fall short and lose perspective. Each time I fail, God’s grace is always there to catch me and bring me back to him. No matter how far we stray or how wrong we are, God is a father who always welcomes us back once we are ready to repent and learn from our mistakes. 


Just because Jesus died on the cross for our sins doesn’t mean we have a pass to knowingly sin. Sinning is wrong and when we make mistakes we have to learn to be truly sorry and ask God to forgive us.  God will always forgive us, but he always knows what truly in our hearts. 


No one is immune to temptation and falling short. There is no such thing as a perfect Christian. We are all human and at times we are going to fall but if we truly are sorry God will always catch us with his grace. Each time we fall we should take those experiences, pain and heart breaks to push us back to God and help us grow stronger in our faith. 

I know from my own recent trials that I learned to take the experience and use it to be pushed back to my relationship with God and gain maturity and wisdom from the situation. 


You can’t go back in time and change actions, but you can move forward and choice to learn from them. 


There is no need to pretend to have a perfect life or be a perfect person. We all have flaws and we all make mistakes. There are moments in life that test us and we can use them  to gain maturity and grow in our walk with the Lord. We are all broken people who stumble but we have a perfect Savior. 


Just because we mess up, doesn’t mean we are any less than another person, it just means we are human. Stumbling is inevitable, but what matters is how you take the fall and what you do to fix the issues. 


What matters most in life is living for God and learning how to use each experience to serve and honor his glory. 


Who is a God like you, who pardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of his inheritance? You do not stay angry forever but delight to show mercy. You will again have compassion on us; you will tread our sins underfoot and hurl all our iniquities into the depths of the sea.-Micah 7:18-19