Lawson Bates is an amazing example of a Godly guy and I am so excited to be able to share this interview with you! 

Lawson is one of 19 children, a musician, entrepreneur, and a reality television star. One thing that is clear when looking at Lawson and his family is the amount of faith and love they have for the Lord. When talking about this he shared his favorite bible verses and explained why it means so much to him. 

His favorite verses is "A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”- Proverbs 16:9. He explained “We all have a calling on our lives but God's will, opens and closes the doors along the way, we just have to have 100% trust in where God wants us to be.” 

He shared one thing that  has had a huge impact on his life is reading from Proverbs every day and that is something his dad had always encouraged him to do. Lawson shared “ Reading Proverbs every day is some of the best advice my dad has ever given me, it holds so much simple truth that effects how I live every day.” 


Growing up in a large family Lawson said he had been used to media attention and living life in the spotlight because of his family’s reality TV show Bringing Up Bates. 

His family has a huge following and he has been able to build his own platform and fan base for his music. He shared that his parents always taught him and his siblings not to look at the show or media attention as a job but as an outreach to share their faith with others. He tries not to focus on the highs of the attention or the lows of the critics but just being who God made him to be. At the end of each season after all episodes are taped his families sits down together and evaluates the positives and negatives of that year and how it can be improved upon for the next! 

Lawson shared that it was “cool to be able to look back on the seasons, and be able to literally watch everyone grow up on camera.”

One thing that comes from media attention and living a life in the public eye is opinions from critics. Lawson and I talked about how he handles some of the hurtful comments and his words were extremely encouraging. Lawson said “Negative things make me remember to respond how Jesus would respond and  treat everyone in the same way Jesus would.’ He talked about not shying away from critics because in the middle of what they say there may be some truth to learn from and to be able to use their opinions as a chance to be Godly and be pushed in faith. He said that one thing he has learned over the years is to not take things personally and to just trust in God through it all. 

Lawson is a recording country music artist and has been pursuing his musical aspirations since he was 18 years old. He met with producers to talk about his first album and they had much more success with it then they initially expected. At first he was unsure if he was going to be able too make this his career but after the first album released it had a snow ball effect and he began working with top writers and producers in the industry. He said “The first time I heard myself on the radio freaked me out way more than it did seeing myself on tv.”

He performs and does shows all throughout the year and one of his favorite songs to sing is an original song called Time. The inspiration of the song for him is about keeping the focus on the people around you in this moment and learning to appreciate this season of life. To him music is more than just something to play, it’s about changing people to have a positive perspective and allowing them to see things from positive angles. Growing up in the South Lawson said how music had always had a huge influence on him. He would listen to Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra who have influenced his music today. At age 11 he taught himself how to play gutair and would take it when he would work with his dad to play in the truck between job sites. 

A way that he gives back and something he is extremely passionate is visiting sick children in hospitals and being able to do music therapy with him. Each month Lawson makes it a priority to visit his local hospital’s pediatric ward and spending time brightening the spirits of the children who are there. He started this because a few year’ back he wanted to be able to help and reached out the the local hospital to see what he could do. He said “going there helps me stay in the right perspective, I have developed relationships with the kids and families and I remember each one of them.” Of everything he has the opportunity to do he says that visiting the kids has to be one of his favorites. 

One thing that many people might know about him is his entrepreneurial spirit he has. Not only is he a musician but he also owns a business and is a sheriff in his town. When he was 15 years old he started a lawn care business that has since grown into a huge company with over 18 employees and commercial deals.  He said my dad always taught us anytime you get a opportunity to learn a new skill even if you don’t think you will need it, learn it, it  and it will help your future.” It is clear with all Lawson’s endeavors he truly does follow his father’s advice. 

Lawson has a lot of goals and dreams but he knows he is focused on following God’s plans for his life and enjoying it in the process. His best advice for other is  to focus first on building your relationship with the Lord and allowing him to always be your first priority, God has to grow you as a person before your opportunities come. 



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