You deserve the boy who brings you flowers

Wait for the guy who loves like Jesus

Wait for the guy who buys you flowers

Wait for the guy who calls you beautiful

Don't settle for anything less!

The other night I tweeted those words as a reminder for my twitter friends but for myself as well! There is nothing wrong with being single and being content with exactly the way life is. You don’t need a boy to complete you, you are already whole. You don’t need a boy to tell you you’re beautiful because you are. You don’t need a boy to prove you are worth anything because in God's eyes you are worth more than anything. You don’t need a boy. Having a boyfriend doesn’t mean that your worth is anymore valued than your best friend who is single. 

We all have different seasons of our lives. In one of my favorite bibles verses Ecclesiastes 3:2-8 it tells us that there is a time for everything. Every emotion you every feel, every phase of life, everything you experience there is a time for! There is a time to be single and a time to be in relationship. Which ever stage of life you are in at this moment realize that your worth is not determined by another human being, your worth is found in God. 

Its easy to settle, its nice to have attention and feel like someone thinks your pretty but sometimes whats easy isn’t always the best. We are all children of God and we deserve to be treated with love and respect. 

I know what its like to have a mega crush on a guy and try and do everything to get his attention or to get him to like me back but in the process just end up looking like a fool and laughing about it with my friend. We have all been there at a time in our lives where we try to impress someone and just end up looking way to needy or weird or whatever it might come off as. Let me tell you from experience if you have to try to get a guys attention then chances are its not going to be worth your effort. This year one of my friends who I look up to a lot said to me “Gab a Godly guy is going to purse you, don’t ever think you have to try and chase him”. When he said those word to me It clicked. I don’t have to do anything to try to get a guy to notice me because I am the more than enough and I know I have to hold myself accountable for having someone meet those standards. I can’t settle for less out of desperation. 

One lesson I learned is not to compromise my standers for the sake of being in a relationship, because it just ends badly. I don’t care how cute he may be if he doesn’t respect you, he isn’t worth your time. If he always leaves you on unread than he isn’t worth your time. If he is talking to other girls, he isn’t worth your time. If  he cares more about your body than you as a person he isn’t worth your time. No guy who treats you badly is worth your time. There are a thousand fish in the sea and you don’t have to catch any of them! Its perfectly okay and a good choice to say No, because when a guy actually loves you as a person and meets all your standers imagine what a great relationship that will be! 

When my friend told me about a Godly guy working to pursue me he also talked to me about intentions and how people should be clear with there intentions from the start. I am so guilty of this and I know most my friends are too, when you take nothing and make it into something. I remember one time a guy I had a crush on told me he liked my shoes and my friends and I freaked out about it and tried to make that into a “sign” that he liked me but in reality he was just being friendly. Don’t make nothing into something in the sake of protecting your heart and knowing your worth. 

You are worth more than any gold or jewels on this earth and if a guy doesn’t treat you like that he isn’t worth your time.  As young girls we need to respect ourselves enough to keep our standers and not settle for less. It is completely okay to be single, allow God to work through you in this time! Work on your relationship with the Lord and finding a strong basis of who you are before you search for a significant other. You deserve someone who loves like Jesus, who treats you with respect, who brings you flower, who tells you that you are beautiful, you deserve a man that means all your standard.