“One day, you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life.”― Brooke Davis One Tree Hill

Don’t waste today wishing for another. People always seem to be wishing...wishing for Friday, a promotion, a graduation, a new stage of life or what ever it may be its human nature and it seems as if people are always wishing it was tomorrow and life was better. For me personally this has been something I have struggled to learn to be appreciative of the moment and learn to stop wishing for tomorrow. 

I started being really aware of this when each time I would talk to someone on Monday and they would say "I can’t wait till Friday. I use to be in the same boat where I always wished the week away in hopes Friday would come faster and school would be over with sooner until I realized how truly sad that was. I spent two years of my life fighting to live and beat cancer but now just a few short years later I spent time wishing days away.

I have been someone who always realized how fast time pass us by but this year with my impending high school graduation time just seems to be more apparent on my mind. I am about to go into a new stage in my life and a lot of changes and huge decisions have been put on my plate to make. Life is changing at a pace that I can’t slow down.

One of my best friend and I have been close since middle school, we have been through all the awkwardness, weird relationship and growing pains together. We were on the phone the other night talking about how crazy it is that we are graduating and how we could have never imagined so much could change in just a few short years. Our conversation wasn’t about our typically high school stuff but now it started to center around the next stage our lives and all the new people and big decisions we had to chose from.  After that conversation with her all of the sudden it seemed as it all of my friends started talking to me about there new roommates, the plans for there life on college campus and all these plans for the future.  I realized my best friends and I weren’t in middle school anymore with years of high school ahead of us but we are at a whole new stage of life. Its so hard for me to believe that four years of high school went by so quickly, let alone the 12 years of being in school. It feels like just yesterday I was standing at my 8th grade graduation with all my friends but in a few weeks I will be standing in my high school graduation! 

Time moves so quickly. As cliche as that sounds it's true. Life moves past us at a speed that can’t be stopped and never slows down for anyone. Each day is precious and these moments we are in right now we will never have to live again. This year has taught me to learn to be present in the moment and just appreciate where I am at instead of wishing for tomorrow. No matter what stage you may be in your life appreciate the season and embrace all the laughs, tears, and joy that comes with it because before you know it, life will have moved on and a new season of life will have been introduced to you! 

Be thankful for the moment you are in and appreciate the exact season of life you are experiencing.