Jesus and a Cup of Tea

Every morning before school my dad would make me a hot breakfast and a cup of tea. I would be lying to you if I said that it wasn't my favorite part of the day! He would always make my favorite foods and constantly be making me new entrees daily. Some of my favorite breakfasts he would make for me on school mornings were crepes filled with warmed up strawberry jelly or cheese filled omelets or warm porridge hot off the stove. Just as breakfast would change daily so would my teas sometimes I got old fashion tea with honey or green tea or even warm peach clobber tea. I loved waking up and going down stairs each and every day being able to spend some time with my dad before school and to enjoy breakfast. Sometimes we would sit and watch the morning news other times we would watch funny Youtube videos before he would make me go upstairs to change into my school uniform. Breakfast with my Dad made waking up at 6 am to below freezing temperatures a whole lot easier. Everyday was something to look forward to, starting my day with one of my favorite people and just enjoy the morning.

Now as I have gotten older and retired my school uniform I no longer have to wake up at 6 am! You bet I am so happy about those 6 am wake ups are no longer apart of my daily agenda. Just as I would religiously spend school mornings with my Dad I try to do the same with Jesus. When I wake up I talk to Jesus and read scripture and work on growing closer to him.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path- Psalm 119:105

Every relationship in life needs attention, effort and love from both parties. You can’t have a one sided relationship because that would be 50% out of 100% which is considered failure. One sided relationships with people aren't healthy and do not work. It’s the same concept with our relationship with Jesus! He is always giving us 100%, forgiving us when we sin, loving unconditionally , listening to our prayers and providing us what we need in the way he knows best for us! He gives us 100% so we should be striving to do the same. Its so important to grow and nurture a relationship with Jesus every single day, talking with him, reading scripture praising him in every way possible! 

Challenge: Take some time today to spend with Jesus! Maybe you have a hour or just fifteen minutes free in your schedule. Take that time to read the bible, to read God’s words and absorb it in and incorporate it into you everyday life.