Fear is something that can have crippling effects on any aspect of life. I think fear is a word every single person can relate too because as humans we naturally get scared sometimes. We get scared of the unknown, scared of failure or  or the scared of the future. Being fearful is normal but it can be a huge barrier and hinder you from achieving your dreams and ambitions.


For me I have always been an all in type of person. Once I have an idea I jump right into action to make that into a reality.  I have founded and co- founded companies, wrote on global platforms, worked with celebrities, been on live TV, interviewed and featured in a bunch of magazines, spoken in front of thousands of people and many other things. If I had let fear control my life I can tell you 100% I would not have had the opportunity do to any of those things. If I gave into fear than I would have got caught up in the “what ifs” of life...

The what if I fail?

What if they don’t like me?

What if I mess up?

The what if list can go on and on and on. The important thing to realize that the fear creeping into your mind trying to control your actions in a negative way.

A few weeks ago when my sister and I were on live TV I was completely calm about the whole thing until we got on set. My family said a quick prayer together in the green room before Brittney and I were called on set. The cameras were surrounding us and the lights were beating down on our faces. I started to get so scared and think "oh no" "what if I fail or look dump or what if?' I started to let my fear get the best of me and then all the sudden I said a quick prayer and a calm came over me. The cameras started to roll and the segment was on and my nervousness completely disappeared. After our segment ended and we left set we had calls from our close friends and family telling us how proud they were of us. 

If I had let fear take control of me I would have run off set, through the studio doors and into my car while I waited for my family to drive me home. I could have let fear get the best of me and miss out on a having so much fun and making a life long memories but I didn’t. I trusted that God had made this happen and no matter the outcome at the end of the day life will always go on. 

No matter how much you could possibly fail or embarrasses yourself life will still go on. People will forget the silly thing you did and one day you will be able to laugh about it to. My point is fear can’t control you, if you don’t let it. If you trust in Gods plan and know that life aways keeps moving then fear won’t take a hold of your life.

Doing something new might seem scary but in the end it might be the best thing you have ever done.

If you want to open a company do it!

If you want to create a YouTube channel do it!

If you want to run for student council do it!

If you have a dream you can accomplish!