In a world where everything can be obtained in a matter of minutes we easily get impatient and expect to see results instantaneously. When we want to find song lyrics or watch a movie all we have to do is turn on our computers. If we have a question we ask Google and find the answer in a matter of seconds. When we talk to God and ask him to answers our prayers sometimes its easy to still expect that instant answer and hard to understand why praying doesn’t work like Google. 

God doesn’t work in our timeframe but in his and in the ways he sees fit for his plans.  

When we pray to God he hears that! God knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows what is truly in our hearts. He is our maker and knew us even before we were born. 

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart”-Jeremiah 1:5

God knows us best, so he knows what is best for us. When we pray he hears our prayers and will answer all of them in his way. 

In today's world where almost everything can be obtained instantaneously we have to be patient and trust that God is answering our prayers in the ways he sees fit. God brings people into our lives for reasons. God allows us to learn lessons through trials. God is always there for us with warm and loving arms. God is always there for us and he always has been. He has gotten us through every single hard time and happy times this world has brought and we are still living. 

The fact that you woke up today is proof that God still has plans for your life and he is working through you. No matter what you are praying for or facing today trust that God already is the answer.