Life is a beautiful gift and there so many things in life that make me smile and I wanted to share a few with you!  Comment what makes you smile!

1. Jesus - The #1 thing in my life that makes me joyful and brings me happiness is Jesus. I would not have this joy without knowing him.

2. Puppies - How could you not love puppies! Every time I see a dog my day just gets so much brighter.

3. Bike rides- If you follow along on my instagram or snapchat stories  you are sure to  have seen the fun adventures my sister and I have when we go on bike rides. 

4. Horseback riding- I love horses and being blessed to do horse back riding is such a fun and amazing sport!! Being at the barn around the horses always makes me so happy.

5. Hiking- This world is so beautiful and being able to spend time in nature appreciating its beauty is a gift! I love going on fun hikes with my friends 

6. Sunsets/Sunrises - are so beautiful and something I tweet about quite often! It amazes me that something that happens everyday is so stunning and reminds me what a wonderful artist God truly is.

7. Rain storms- I love the rain and one of my favorite parts of summer is when we have rain storms while the sun is still shining.

8. Sunshine- I love the sunshine. Enough said.

9. Road trips - I enjoy taking mini road trips with my family! We always blast music and laugh as my dad dances or signs along to the radio.

10. Roller coasters -  How can you not smile and laugh when you ride a roller coaster?!

11. Picnics - Picnics are such a fun thing to do with family and friends during the Summer! 

12. Sunflowers - are my absolute favorite flower and the bright yellow of them always makes me so happy! I honestly can not help smiling when looking at sunflowers. 

13. Family- is so important to me, I would be lost without them! Being around my family always make me happy! 

14. Tennis -Ever since I was young my dad would take my sister and I to play tennis! Tennis is one of my favorite sports to play!

15. Bible study - Time with Jesus and diving into the word fills my spirt with such joy! The more time I invest with time with Jesus the happier  and more fulfilled my life truly is. 

16. Traveling- I love traveling and going on long plane rides! Have you ever taken the time to look out at the clouds and admire the sky? It is such a humbling experience. 

17. Ice cream - My favorite has always been ice cream. Nothing can cheer me up quite like a bowl of ice cream! 

18. Cooking- it's so fun to experiment with new recipes and the food I make with friends and family.

19. Laughing- They say laughter is the best medicine! I spend most my day with my sister and when we are together most times we are laughing at some silly inside joke!

20. Movies- Ever since I was a little kid I loved watching movies with my mom. Its so fun being able to find a good movie to watch with the people I love.

21. Reading a good book- There is nothing sweeter than finding a good book that I can love so much that you that I never want to put it down. 

22. Dancing - I love dancing and whenever I need to brighten up my day, I find my sister and we play our favorite songs and dance all the problems aways! 

I hope this list of joyful things inspires you to smile and find joy in the little things of life and that you can find joy in all you do!