If you follow along with me on my Instagram stories you probably know how much my sister and I love to go biking together. For my birthday this year my parents surprised me with a brand new bike and since that day Brittney and I have made biking one of our new favorite things to do together.

This summer we decided to  make biking a  priority of ours and to take time out of our day, no matter how busy it is  to disconnect from work and social media and go outside to ride our bikes even if its just a a half hour. Biking is so fun. Being able to set aside everything we are working on, put away our phones and spend time with each other racing down new paths we find is always a highlight of my day. Of course there are some days when we can’t go out on our bike ride. Sometimes we might have meetings all day, bad weather may occur or some unforeseen reason that would prevent us from ridding our bikes. 

Last Wednesday was beautiful day, The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Brittney and I decided to go out for our bike ride and bring our bibles along so we could stop and do a bible study. We also decided that we would take bring sunflowers along with us and get pictures for Instagram.  

So we hopped on our bikes and started riding towards where we had planned to do bible study. When we were about half way to our destination it started to lightly rain. I looked at Britt and asked if we should turn back but she laughed saying it was just a brief shower and it was fine. 

We continued peddling further and further away from home and as we did the rain started to pick up more and more. By the time we reached where we wanted to go it was pouring down rain. Brittney and I parked our bikes and stood in the rain trying to keep my bible dry and just laughing about the whole situation. 

As we laughed about it we started jumping in the puddles and since we were soaking wet we just embraced the moment. 

Neither of us could have predicted the rain, but instead of being upset about the situation we decided to embrace the moment and make a memory we will cherish the rest of our lives. Life is not so much about the situation you face but what you do in the midst of it, how you react and the perspective you take on the situation. Brittney and I truly danced in the rain on that hot summer day.

Figuratively speaking we should dance in the rain during whatever storm life throws our way. How you live your life and the quality of joy you have is determined by your perspective. You have the power to choose to see things in a positive light or to dwell on a negative of a situation.  

Life is like the rain storm we faced, we never thought it was going to rain that day but it did. We got stuck in the rain with no shelter and had to sit in a rain storm with no preparation at all. We had no umbrella or coat to keep us dry.  Life is like that, it’s unpredictable.  We can never image what God will put in our paths and what we might have to face, but we do know Jesus will be beside us through it all. 

Whatever rain storm life might bring your way, know Jesus is beside you and choose to dance through the storm seeing positives and pulling light from the situation. 

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