To some people the word “failure” is intimidating and is some peoples biggest fear. Failing, the word holds such a negative condition and so many people are afraid to fail. Failing shouldn’t be something to be scared of but to be embraced, used as a stepping stone and a way to judge our personal growth and development. 

No one sets out on a new project, takes a test, or starts a new sport hoping to fail. The average human does not wake up each morning and think to themselves “Gee, I hope I fail at something today.”  Most people, like myself start a new project, take a test or start a sport with the intention of succeeding, mastering the task at hand and doing well! As people we always wish to be good at everything we try to do but in reality we need to practice and fail before we learn to succeed. 

God didn’t give us infinite knowledge, and incredibility ability to be amazing at everything we do. God gave us each gifts and the ability to learn, practice and grow at every stage in life. We are not made to be prefect, we are broken people that have flaws and failures. 

Growing up each time I would get upset about a bad grade on a test my parents would always respond by saying "What would be the point of taking a class at school if you already knew all the material.” The older I get the more I see how their words aren’t just applicable in on the that situation but with every new challenge I face and every failure I experience.

I love starting new projects and learning new things! When there is something new and exciting I will always be one of the first to sign up and go all in on a project. Owning the Frosting Company, with my sister allows me to indulge on creating new projects but coming up with new products and new campaigns. When Brittney and I started our company, I was only 16 years old and she had just graduated college.

Years before we opened Frosting Company, while I was under going chemotherapy treatments Brittney and I realized the harmful chemicals and toxins in many mainstream beauty products. We learned that your skin is your largest organ and a huge percentage of what is put onto your skin is absorbed directly into your blood stream. After learning these facts and having our eyes open, we vowed to always be aware of all the products we were using and decided to try and making our own. We didn’t feel safe using mainstream beauty products after reading the ingredient labels and together we set out on a mission to create our own. So as we set out on this mission to make our own bath and beauty products we did hours upon hours of research. One day we ordered all of ingredient we needed to make our first batch of body butter (It is similar to lotion just made with oils instead of water) and we went into our kitchen to make our first ever batch.

We were so excited and had confidence that the first batch of body butter we made would be the best batch ever made in history! I remember standing in the kitchen with Brittney as we started mixing everything together acting like two scientist. As we progressed further and further in our recipe we realized something didn’t smell right, it smelled like peppermint toothpaste! We decided not to let the discouragement keep us from going and then we broke our parents kitchen mixer! The first batch of lotion didn’t turn out as we planned but we didn’t give up. We kept experimenting, researching and trying new ingredient until we had the perfect recipe, and now our products are sold in stores across the U.S.A!

If we would have let failure stop us, we wouldn’t have been able to experience the success God has given us today. The first time you try something, you are not going to instantaneously become a superstar, everything takes hard work and practice. Don’t let failures discourage you but allow them to motivate you to do better next time. God didn’t give us brains with infinite knowledge but he did give us brains with the power to learn!