According to the dictionary "focus" is defined by " he center of interest or activity."

As followers of Christ our focus should always be on Jesus  but sometimes we get caught up in worrying about worldly things and lose sight of where our true intentions should be. 

An upcoming episode of the Inspiring Honey is a interview with an new friend of mine named Shawn, on Instagram he is known as "iamhnsty". He is a recording artist and has such a inspirational story that he is using to serve God. Over the course of doing the interview we have had a few conversations together and I have been able to learn how amazing his faith is. One thing he said on a phone call to me was about his song Focus up. 

We had been talking about a variety of topics and he started to tell me about his most successful song “Focus Up”. Shawn shared that Focus up was inspired by the bible verse “set your mind on things above, not on earthly things”- Colossians 3:2.  As soon as I heard the verse that inspired that song, and I listened to the lyrics he sung it humbled me.

Having Jesus at the center of everything we do is so important and something I personally strive for. After hearing Shawn share that bible verse it reminded me that no matter what I am doing I should never take my focus off of Jesus. The bible tells us not to worry about the future but yet we do. Sometimes it's easy to fall into a trap and unconsciously have our focus switch to something worldly. God knows all the plans for our lives but yet it's so easy to waste time worrying and thinking about how it will all unfold. 

Your focus should never be just solely on something worldly. Jesus should be our main focus of everything we are doing and should inspire all of our actions. We should stop worrying and focusing on tomorrow and start trusting that God already knows everything that will happen. 

If we only focus on getting a good grade and studying for hours on end but never ask God to bless our minds and help us to be our best then we aren’t allowing him to work through every aspect of our lives and focus switches to a worldly thing. If we are searching for a significant other and become consumed with when they will ask you out but don’t give the relationship to God then focus switches to a worldly desire. If we desire to have a promotion at work but aren’t striving to work as hard as possible and asking God to bless us then our focus switches to worldly factors and not God. God should be part of every aspect of your life. How you act around friends, where you work, no matter what you do every action should reflect and then focus on God. 

Whatever is heavy on your heart and causing you to switch your focus, submit to God. Allow God to work through you and trust that when you put your focus solely on him your life will unfold beautifully. No matter what you go through choose to focus on God and how you can best serve him through whatever situation you face.