The three months in-between summer break and school starting always seem to feel like the quickest months of the year! The fall is my absolute favorite season but I love the carefree feelings that come along with the summer season.

School has been on my mind lately with the impending start to my college career.Often times on social media I receive questions from readers about being happy and learning to look at the positives in life! Since the school year is right around the corner I wanted to sit down and share habits and tips that I keep during the school year to stay positive and create the happiest most productive environment that I can! 

1.  MAKE TIME FOR JESUS -  If we want to call ourselves “christians” then in doing so it's important to keep ourselves accountable for building a strong spiritual life and keeping Jesus at the center of everything we do. Maybe you are busy and buried in a mountain of school work. Maybe you're the star athlete and have practice and games all night long. Maybe you're in drama club and it is taking up so much of your time! Whatever is consuming your time, is great, it's such an amazing thing to be involved in school but it’s important to remember everyone is busy. Each person has a busy life with things to do and places to be. Life comes down to your priorities and if you want to keep Jesus at the center of your life and keep faith a priority you can make time. Instead of watching that Netflix show everyone is talking about, spend at least 15 minitues reading the bible! If you care about something you can find time to devote to it! 

2. Do Not Procrastinate- I am so guilty for being a procrastinator and waiting till the last possible minute to get things done but each time I regret it! The sooner things get done the less likely things will pile up and the easier it will be to find free time to do fun things! When a professor or teacher assigns work don’t wait until the night before it’s due to finish it and cause yourself unnecessary stress! Unnecessary stress due to procrastination is just plain unnecessary and totally preventable! 

3. Stop having FOMO- Fear of missing out is something I think everyone can relate to! There are so many fun actives, parties, hang outs, school events etc. that go on during the school year but only so may hours in the day. With responsibilities like school work, sports, clubs and whatever else you may be involved in it’s almost impossible to maintain a healthy balance of all those things and attend the fun things going on! Sometimes you might have to miss a Friday night football game to write a paper or have to stay home on a Tuesday night to study for a huge test coming up but just because you miss one event doesn’t mean you will miss out on all the fun! It’s important to keep priorities straight and remember that for the one thing you miss there will be many more fun opportunities that you can be a part of!

4. Prioritize- Keep your priorities straight! I can not stress this one enough! One thing I always say to my friends or even post on twitter is “Life comes down to your priorities, and what you prioritize you make time for.”  Make sure you have your priorities straight and you know what matters most in life. What matters most are priorities in my life are Faith and keeping God first, finding time to be with my family, making sure I can do my school work and dedicate time to get good grades, working and being able to dedicate time to help contribute to their success, making time to spend with my friends and having fun with them! Life comes down to what you make a priority and the things you keep on that list you will always make sure to have time for! 

5. Let Go of Stress- Life is so short and being in school shouldn't be a stressful thing. Whenever I am stressed out about something I learned it’s important to step back and reevaluate the situation and try and understand what is even causing me to stress out to begin with. One rule of thumb someone taught me years ago was to ask myself “is this really going to matter in five years from now” and if the answer is no then the reason for stress probably isn’t justified.

6. Stay Away from Drama - In my personal opinion life is so much better when it’s drama free and everyone is on good terms. Don’t let your year be ruined by feeding into drama and allowing little things to get in the way.

7. Get Involved - Get involved with school, join a club, try out for a sports team or go to a dance! Studies show students who are involved do better academically! It’s great to be able to meet others who have similar interest and be able to be involved with your school. 

8. Don’t Get Caught in Comparisons- Don’t get caught in the trap of comparisons. Don’t compare your grades with your friends and feel less than because your score is lower. You’re intelligence is so much more deeper than a number on a piece of paper. Don’t compare the number of people in your friend group to others. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing your life to the others around you. Enjoy the life God has given you and embrace everything that makes you, you! 

9. Invest Time in the Right People- Time is valuable and the people who you surround yourself with are a reflection of you! When it comes to picking friends, choose wisely and make sure that you invest time with the people who truly care and love you.

10. Take Time to Read the Course Syllabus- When your professor or teacher hands out a course syllabus take time to actually read it and know what’s upcoming for future assignments. It may seem like those due dates are far away but if you plan ahead, you will thank yourself later.

11. Use an Agenda or Planner - During the school year life gets much busier between work, classes and a social life. The best way to stay on top of all those tasks is to get an agenda and make it a priority to right down important plans, due dates etc. so you don’t over extend and forget to get tasks done.

12. Set Realistic Goals - Set goals you know you can achieve. Ask yourself what you want out of this school year and make a list of all the things you want to happen. Keep the list you make in a place you will see often to hold yourself accountable.

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