God always answers prayers but sometimes in unexpected ways and always in his time. Sometimes it is hard to understand how God is answering our prayers when we don’t see them being answered instantly. 

We live in a world where as soon as we want something we can have it. When we have a question, we Google it and within seconds it is answered. When we are craving pizza it can be at our door in 15 minutes or less! We order something online, it can be shipped to our door the next day. Most times worldly things we want we can have in an extremely short amount of time, with little to no effort. There are things we want, we don’t even have to leave the comfort of our own homes to get. We have become a society obsessed with instantaneous gratification, obsessed with our own timing and having things instantly

God doesn’t work that way! God isn’t going to work in our time because he work in his own! His timing is better than any we could imagine and the way he answers our prayers is in a way that is perfectly fitting to our lives. 

As a little girl I thought when I prayed it was a lot like going the get a gum ball from the gum machine.  When I was younger my family would go to this little pizza shop for dinner that had a huge gum ball machine in the doorway.  Every time we went there after we had finished our food my dad would give my sister and I quarters to go get gum form the big gum ball machine. I would run over to the gum ball machine put the quarter in, twist the knob and out would come a giant gum ball! 

Just like most little kids imagine how things work, I imagined praying worked just like the gum ball machine. Every night when My parents would tuck me into bed and they would say prayers with me, I though while we prayed it was liking putting the quarter in the machine and twisting the knob. I would think  as soon as I said the prayer the next day when I woke up  the prayer would be answered and spout out just like the gum ball was.  

I don’t know why, how or when I started to think praying like a gum ball machine but most little kids come up with strange reasonings for how things work, thats how I rationalized praying. Now Whenever I think of God answering our prayerslike a gum ball machine it makes me laugh at how silly I was. If praying really did work that way I think this world would be a whole lot different then it is!

Prayers are so powerful and praying really does work but the way God answers our prayers are in unexpected ways and with his own plan. 

After church a few Sundays ago a friend of mine told me a story of how a women was relying on God to answer her prayer and he answered it in a unexpected way. The story went that this woman lived in a town being hit by a hurricane and everyone was being evacuated but she refused to leave because she was trusting God to save her. So the storm progressed and the first floor of her home flooded so she had to go to the second floor and when she did a boat came around and offered to take her to safety, but she responded by saying “No, I am trusting God to save me.” So the storm got worse and worse and her house was flooded so she climbed and sat on her roof and a helicopter came and offered to save her and she responded by saying “No, I am trusting God to save me.”  The the storm got so bad and the lady keep trusting God, but she passed away and when she got to heaven she asked God why he didn’t save her and he said “I did try to, I sent the boat, and the helicopter.”

The moral of the story is to keep your eyes opens for the way God is answering your prayers. We can’t be so stubborn to think that God will answer our prayers in the way we imagine him to. God answers prayers in his way, that is sometimes things we could have never expected. He knows what is best for our lives and the way he answers our prayers are in ways that he knows is best suited for us. We need to keep our minds open and be flexible to watch the way God works in our lives. 


There is a reason for everything. Every person you meet God is working through, each failure you experienceGod is working through, each and everything in life our lives happen for a reason. If you are praying for something that has not come into fruition yet there is one of two reasons why you might not see it happening 

    1    It’s not the right time yet

    2    Its not meant for you    

God knows the time for everything and he perfectly works out every detail in our lives to reflect his master plan. If you are praying to get into a college but receive a rejection notice trust that God has somewhere better for you. If you are praying for God to bring a wonderful boyfriend or girlfriendinto your life trust and hasn’t yet, trust that right now isn’t the right time, if you are praying for something that isn’t coming to fruition know that God has a plan and he is allowing it to unfold in your life. 


One lesson that is prevalent in my life is learning that things don’t happen in my timing but in God’s timing and for his greater plan. I can think out how I want my life to be and when I will be ready for certain situations to unfold but the truth of the matter is that I have no idea where my life will be in 6 months let alone a few years from now. I have free will to make choices but ultimately God  is the author of my story and the way my life turns out is in hands.  

Prayer is powerful, and God answers our prayers in the way that is best for our lives. He brings people into our life with purpose, we go through trials to learn lessons, we experience everything in this life for a reason and he is allowing it to all unfold in his way, in his timing. God is the author to our stories he ultimately knows exactly how our lives will go. 

Whenever I am in a uncertain situation the thought that always comforts me is that God already knows, how my life turns out, the friends I have, the man Iwill marry, the jobs I have, the people I meet, everything. God knows it all and my life is in his hands and what is meant to be will unfold, in his timing

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