Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routines and forget how to really appreciate life! Sometimes it’s too easy to look at all that we have and just take it for granted. To look at the people, the things put in our lives everything and just forget to be thankful for them. 

Everything in this life, every person, every gift, every blessing, and every day is one to be thankful for and to never take for granted. Tomorrow is never promised and you never know what the future holds but every single day that God blesses us with to live and be surrounded by the people that God has put into our life is a day and something to be thankful for! Often my Instagram captions are about how every day is gift because I’m truly in awe of the life that God has blessed me with and being given the chance to be alive.  A few times a year my perspective gets realigned when I’m shown the second chance at life God has given me. Last week I had one day that really challenged me and reminded me to remember what a gift life is. 

The day started with me having to get blood work. When I was younger I had cancer. The diagnoses and treatment I went through was pretty serious and the fact that God saved my life and has given me the chance to be completely healthy now is such a miracle and a huge blessing. A few times a year I go to doctors to get a check-to monitor and make sure I’m healthy. When I go to get the tests done, I go to the hospital where I was treated at. I get to see nurses and doctors who became like extended family and people who I’m so thankful to know. I spent a few hours that day in the pediatric oncology ward where years earlier I had spent 2.5 years of my life. Sitting in the chairs looking at the patients who are so much younger than me reminds me just how blessed I am that God saved me. 

Little things like having hair, being able to walk, having the ability to breath on my own, go out to a movie or spend time with family and friends are actually huge things to be thankful for. Later that day one of my closest friends called me crying because she had just lost people who she was close to in a plane crash! A plane crash!! I sat on the phone with loss of word not knowing what to say. It’s one thing to hear about freak accidents on the news but it’s another thing to hear about them when it happened to someone you knew. After we hung up the phone I was so taken back by the lesson God showed me that day.  God was showing me that people are not to be taken for granted, life is meant to be lived and tomorrow isn’t promised. There’s no better day than today to say what’s on your heart. We aren’t promised that there will be a tomorrow, but we are promised if we accept Jesus we will have an entirety with him and his love is so great for and God’s hand is in every single part of our lives. The choices you make and opportunities that come into your life are done with his knowledge and will. God puts people in our paths for a reason and the people he brings to us are ones to be so thankful for. The days you get to live are such enormous gifts that are meant to be embraced. 

 I made a promise to myself and God that I will never go a day without appreciating the life I live and telling the people I love that I love them dearly because tomorrow is unknown.