Mary Kate Roberston runs the Little Ducky wife blog, is a Jesus follower, wife to John Luke, and a college student! I absolutely love her Instagram, blog and everything she shares!  

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to  interview her and was so impressed with the godly wisdom she shared! 

  1. What are ways you keep your faith strong?

When it comes down to it, my faith with God is a relationship. Just like any relationship you have to spend time together and be consistent with one another. God is ALWAYS consistent so it’s just up to me to make sure I am being consistent with Him. I read my Bible in the mornings followed by prayer and then talk to Him throughout my day. If I miss a morning, I’ll try and do it another time during the day. My husband and I go to church on Sundays to fellowship with our friends and I especially love the worship. A lot of the times when I am in my car, especially if I am having a bad day, I’ll listen to worship music and just declare truth over myself. I also find it vital to spend time with my friends who push me in faith and encourage me. 

  1. What are your favorite go-to Bible verses and why?

I love the Psalms! Psalm 16:11 has been a favorite for a while- “You make known to me the path of life and in Your Presence there is fullness of joy and at your right hand are pleasures forever more.” Also, Psalm 51:10-12, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from Your Presence, and take not Your Holy Spirit away from me. Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.” I cling to these verses so often and pray the ones from Psalm 51 one every single day. The older I get, the more I get to know myself and I have come to realize how much I desperately need God everyday. There is literally no good in me beside Him and so I ask Him to come and clean my heart from the thoughts and attitudes I have! I’ve also been realizing how often I prefer things over Him, which in essence is sin. Sin is preferring something over Him. It’s thinking those things will bring me joy, but my heart was made by Him and for Him and I am only going to feel satisfied when He’s sitting on the throne of my heart. 

  1. How do you balance college, being married, a social life, while devoting time to growing spiritually?

I am coming to realize I don’t think there is ever a time of being truly “balanced” haha. I think that’s something I could work my whole life towards and never achieve, but I don’t know if it is something we are ever supposed to achieve?? I think we just have to do our best we can and also know that it is ok to say “no” to some things. Our first year of college we were traveling a TON and school and friendships suffered from it, but I don’t regret it for that time because in that season we had been given opportunities and made previous commitments we held. But John Luke and I have been learning the importance of being present. Now that we are settled in more in Virginia and things have slowed down, we have learned to say no to some things and we are both thriving at school and have time to be available for friends! It has been so fun. But honestly I find myself growing spiritually in all of those areas! My professors push me academically but also inspire my spiritually even in the way they are loving and patient and kind with their students. Marriage is definitely the most refining thing in life, and John Luke is always challenging me to keep becoming all God wants me to be. Between John Luke and friends, I always have the BEST spiritual talks. I think when you are surrounded by people who love the Lord, your talks will always turn spiritual haha.



  1. What advice would you give to younger girls reading this?

When I was young I never realized that me saying yes to Jesus was a daily fellowship with Him. I thought I didn’t really need His help in the day-to-day things because I was good. I thought I did not sin because I didn’t murder or steal or even really lie. I went to church twice on Sundays and on Wednesday night so that is another 10 commandment checked off. But what I wasn’t paying attention to was my gossiping and my bad attitude that I would have like during softball games and disrespecting my parents and even my pride in thinking I was a good girl. That stuff was so ugly but I didn’t even realize it as sin because everyone I was around was doing it too so it was normal. No, it isn’t as bad as murder, but sin is sin, and it was so ugly in God’s sight and I hurt people from it. I wish I would have known how the little things can ruin your validity. I wish I would’ve known God wanted to spend time with me daily and doing my devo wasn’t just something to check off my morning chore list. I guess I wish I would have known how ugly my sins of pride, disrespect, and gossip were, even though they sound like little things, because I know those thing hurt people, but after you say it you cannot take it back. (Also high school is hard and you probably feel left out a lot and feel like you have no friends, but EVERYONE is feeling that same thing. I hear it from more and more people. Just be a good friend and love people, and even if you aren’t loved back or treated well in return at the time, you’ll get that one day. College is so good. Also, pray for good friends. I have seen the Lord provide in my own life time after time.)

  1. What is college life like being married?

I love it and I would never change it. It made sense for me and John Luke to get married to soon. It may not make sense for everyone, but it did for us and it has been really fun for us in so many ways. There are sacrifices you make though. There are things that naturally happen when a group of people is together, so sometimes it can be out-of-sight, out-of-mind, as in we sometimes miss out on things friends are doing because we live off campus in our own house. But really it is just what you put into it. We decided when we got married that when we got to college we would make an effort to do things with friends and have friends over. It would be really easy for us to just stay home and away from the rest of the world. But John Luke goes out to lunch with his guy friends all the time and I will spend time with different girl friends. We have parties at our house all the time and people are always in and out of our house it seems like, and we love it like that. We feel so blessed to have a house so we’re always opening it up, especially if someone needs out of their dorm! But when it comes down to it, we are each other’s best friends and we were ready to get to do life together!

  1. How has being married young effected your walk and faith?

I don’t think I’d be as spiritually mature now had I not gotten married. I said earlier that marriage is refining and it really is. I once had a friend describe marriage as “a big ugly mirror where you are seeing yourself for how you really are for the first time and someone else is seeing you too, but they love you through it.” So many things come to the surface that you may have not even realized about yourself and you are dealing with them and have someone to say, “Hey I see you and I love you and we are going to work through this together.” He is so spirit-filled and makes me want to look more like Jesus. If you knew John Luke in real life you would see how attracted everyone is to him. Everyone loves John Luke. Everyone. And I have realized that it is because he just exudes the fruit of the Spirit and Jesus just shines through him. He is so kind and so patient! I want Jesus to be that evident through me…just learning to get myself out of the way haha. But yes, marriage…very sanctifying! 


  1. What do you say when people tell you you are too young to be married?

John Luke’s parents got married at 18 and 19 and my parents were 32 and 39, and both marriages are still going! I think it comes to show it doesn’t have to do with age but your willingness to stick together. You do see a lot of young marriages fail, but it just matters what you put down as your foundation. John Luke’s dad officiated our wedding and he talked about how a house has to have a strong foundation or it will fall. It’s the same with a marriage, and it has to be built on something bigger than ourselves. So we decided we would have God as our foundation. That’s not a one time decision, but an everyday decision where we both have to choose to seek the Lord. My pastor told us that the best thing we can do for one another is love God and choose God. When we are filled with His Spirit that is when we will be patient and gentle and kind to one another. If we tried to be those things a part from Him we’d wear ourselves out. We’re not perfect. We do fight sometimes. But we choose to come back together and work it out.

  1. How do you deal with scrutiny in the public eye and use it to glorify God?

I am SUPER sensitive. I get my feelings hurt very easily. When someone is rude to me and I’m upset about it there are a few things I try to remind myself. 1. When we are pleasing God, we will not always please man. That’s scripture. Look at Jesus…He was mocked and misunderstood. As a believer I have to realize I am always going to be misunderstood. But I cannot focus on seeking understanding from humans, I have to focus on pleasing God. 2. I have a love/ hate relationship with social media. So when I get a hateful comment or ugly message, it would be easy to just avoid it all by being off the app altogether. But I remind myself that each of those followers was given to me by God. I feel like He has entrusted them to me for a purpose and I need to steward that well. I take that seriously and I do not want to throw that platform away. I get so many messages from people who tell me the Lord has encouraged them through me, and that’s what I love. I have a heart for encouraging women and helping them and inspiring them to be all that God has called them to be. I want my platform to make them want their own relationship with the Lord and to experience His love for them! No matter how big or small your platform is, it is important. You have a chance to impact the people in your life for Christ! Whether that’s the girls on your team in school, or the girls on your hall, or the people you work with! Every chance with them is a chance to show them the love and grace of God!

  1. What has God taught you through your recent trials?

The biggest trial in my life has been mine and my family’s struggle with our health, and it seems to have gotten progressively worse this past year. I have several Chronic illnesses including Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. They are “invisible” diseases so you’d never know I was sick if you just saw me. The only ones who see your “invisible diseases” are the people you live with. So health in itself is a struggle, and no one understanding is another struggle in itself. It is really hard though at times. But what God has been teaching me lately is good and hard can go hand-in-hand. I first heard my friend Katherine Wolf say this and I had just finished reading Hinds Feet on High Places. God is teaching me just because something is hard does not mean it is bad. Good things have come from suffering and sorrow. It is a slow, but surely sanctifying journey. I see how the Lord has grown compassion and empathy and understanding in me. I have been comforted by Him so I am able to go out and comfort others. My illness has made me depend on Him more. I never feel super stable, so I have to pray to be spirit-filled everyday so the weariness my body feels isn’t what comes out of me. I depend on His Spirit to produce good things out of me. He is teaching me to depend on Him to give me the strength to fight against the ugliness I feel in my body and respond in grace and in peace rather than anger and frustration. It is hard and I feel like I do a bad job at it a lot, but I have confidence that this will bring good and will bring glory to Him. I have confidence that nothing, no chronic illness, or anything can separate me from Him or the plan He has for my life. He’s also teaching me that I always have the hope of heaven, and although some days seem long, that this life will just be a flash in comparison to eternity that I get to spend with Him. My hope is not in physical healing on this earth anymore, it’s just in Him. I have hope in His love for me.

  1. Can you explain what you mean when you refer to “God’s best” and how that applies to your life?

“God’s Best” is short for something my dad used to tell me and it is, “God leaves His best for those who leave the choice with Him.” I used to think it was just looking for the best things God has to give us, which is partially true. If we are obeying His word and making decisions and choices based what He says, we will be better off for it. His commandments are to keep us from pain and heartache. But I’m learning the biggest truth from this is “leaving the choice with Him” to be saying “God, I don’t know what I am doing, but I am going to look to You. I am going to keep my eyes fixed on You.” Because the best thing God can give us is Himself. And He’s already given us that. We already have the best thing we can ever have and we just have to keep our eyes turned on Him and off of ourselves or other things.

  1. Where is one of the best places you have traveled?

I love Israel. I am a big beach-lover and mountain-lover, and although I have been to some beautiful places over the world, Israel is not only beautiful, but just so special. It makes me feel so good on the inside! There is so much history there and just incredible to be in the places I have read about and heard about for years! 

  1. What are you majoring in right now?

I am a senior at Liberty and I’m an Interdisciplinary Studies major. You basically can merge two or three degrees. It’s amazing. I am studying Fine Arts and Bible, but specifically Women’s Leadership and Graphic Design. I’ve been in Women’s Leadership almost my whole time at Liberty but just this past year picked up Graphic Design. Both programs are incredible. I really have a heart for ministering to other girls and women, however that may look like, and these classes have taught me so many vital truths about women and the Bible. As far as graphic design-I have always, always loved art. I’m learning the adobe products which has been so fun. Sometime it makes me want to pull my hair out, but there’s nothing like finally learning a new skill haha. All my professors in both programs are brilliant and I just love getting to sit under them.

  1. What are your future goals and ambitions after you graduate?

I feel God calling me to minister to women in whatever form or fashion, but I am not quite sure what that looks like yet. And maybe it will look like different things in different seasons. I love writing. I have a blog and love writing on there. There are different ways I am feeling the Lord pulling me so I am trying to be faithful in the day-to-day and just see where He takes me! Ever since I was little I have always wanted to be a mom though. When John Luke and I have kids I want to be a really good mother to them and be able to devote a lot of time to raising them. I feel like a mother’s role is SO important, and it makes me sad it seems to get downplayed these days! I believe our family is our greatest ministry, for anybody. 

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