God knows us so well. He knows us better than we know us. He knows our thoughts before we think them and actions before we do them. He is all knowing and all powerful yet he still chooses to love us unconditionally.

The other night I was reading the Bible before bed and I began reading In psalm 139.

You have searched me, Lord,

    and you know me.

You know when I sit and when I rise;

    you perceive my thoughts from afar.

You discern my going out and my lying down;

    you are familiar with all my ways.

Before a word is on my tongue

    you, Lord, know it completely.

You  hem me in behind and before,

    and you lay your hand upon me.

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,

    too lofty for me to attain.-  psalm 139.

As I read through the passage I was humbled and taken back by the fact that God knows everything about us and yet he chooses to love us! He sees the brokenness that we try to hide, the flaws, the sins, our insecurities and all that we are but yet he see our beauty and he loves us! 

A few nights ago at my young adult bible study pastor explained to us that when we sin, it’s not us. It is a result of the enemy working in us, deceiving us. It is the old flesh  we fight against, that left us when we were saved. So when God looks at us, as his child of God he doesn’t see that sin  because of the grace he pours onto us. 

It’s humbling to know that we couldn’t ever grasp or attain the knowledge God has for us and our lives but that he lays his loving hands upon us. No matter what we do or how far we think we stray, God already knows the path we take and the choices we make before we do them. 

When talking about this topic I often remember the movie the Adjustment Bureau. If you have never seen the movie I suggest it. It’s about a man that higher forces have a huge plan for and every time he gets off the plan they rearrange his life so he stays on the right path. They see all, they know all, and they are in control of all. That’s how I think God works with us in some ways. He sees all, he knows all, and he makes sure we are on a path he chose for our life. 

I always take comfort  in the humbling fact that no matter what I do, say, or think God is already prepared, he knows my actions before I do them and he knows exactly the path he has my life on. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed and burdened by the thought of the future remember Psalms 139 reminds me not to fear my future because the hand Of God is already in work there.