Everyone likes to hear all the good and the happiness but from personal experience I know that the times when I have learned to rely on God the most are times when life is challenging and when I’m in sticky situations or going through a lot of uncertainty about my future. 

Hearing testimonies from other people who went through what I’m experiencing in my life is so edifying and reassuring of God's love and grace through every single situation. Seeing others overcome situations with faith and trust in God is so encouraging and  promising to me!
I think that one of the most powerful ways we are able to share the gospel and show people the love of Christ is though sharing our personal testimonies with others! A huge gift that God gives us is our life experience and the ability to use those to connect with other people put into our lives.  When we read stories in the Bible we see people evangelize and for a long time I struggled to really understand what that meant or how that could look in my life!  The best way I know to do this is by connecting with others and being able to share my life and my trials by pointing everything back on Jesus and keeping the focus and glory on him! It helps other people who are or may not be believers to see the power of Jesus and see how the Holy Spirit can work!  
John 14 says” Greater works you will do." I think that when we share our stories the greater work we are doing is by sharing God's love and being able to build his kingdom by encouraging others through what’s he has done for us! 

When we trust in God and share our testimonies, including the real raw details, we are sharing the gospel of our gracious loving wonderful father.