I get this one question a lot, in Dm, comments and emails asking what does Inspiring Honey mean? 

It is much more to me than just an Instagram handle or a name printed across a t-shirt. It carries a meaning that is from one of my favorite bible verses taught me and I think everyone could use a reminder of. The power of kindness and words and how impactful they are. 


When I started Inspiring Honey a little over a year ago, I had no idea what I wanted to call it or what I wanted it to be. I just felt God was leading me to share his word  and what he was teaching me with an online community.  I prayed over it and that same night God brought the words Inspiring Honey into my mind that came from Proverbs 16:24. 



Proverbs 16:24 has long been one of my favorite verses that motivated a lot of what I had been doing and what I have continue to  do . I grew up as a public speaker and writer. So with the background of sharing words with others, words have always held a special meaning to me and this verse  has always served as a reminder of the gravity my words carry and the impact that speaking with kindness could have on others. So with my blog and podcast my prayer was that it would inspire kindness and love for Jesus and shine a light into others lives. That was how the name Inspiring Honey was born. 


The name is as same as it sounds to inspire honey to flow into the lives of others, to inspire others to show kindness and be reminded of Jesus’s love everyday. 


But as it got printed on to t-shirt that people across the country wear I hoped it created more than just a message of kindness. I prayed it created a movement that inspired people to show kindness because of the love and grace their savior shows to them. I wanted it to be more than just another t-shirt or christian apparel but a tool to create conversation that would remind you of the power of your words and to share the gospel with others. 


What Inspiring Honey means is so much more than just an Instagram  handle or words printed across a T-shirt. It serves as a reminder of what God tells us our words can do and the way we can be disciples of his kingdom by showing simple acts of kindness and love that shine his light into the world. 


When I hear the word honey I think of comfort, sweet, light and something that is a treat that can be had on any day and also comfort in sickness when stirred into tea. That is what God's words have the power to do, to be a comfort in times of trouble, a light through darkness and heal any brokenness our heart issues within us. To me it symbolizes the sweetness, comforting healing power of the gospel.  When I hear the word inspiring I think the power to help influence and change for God's glory. So together Inspiring Honey at its core is to create to influence change of kindness and comfort to bring light into the world for God’s glory. 


You see it is much more than just words, It's a movement to encourage kindness and shine the light of God's beautiful truth into any day and to stir up a change. In a world where words have the power to cast darkness we can choose to allow our words to shine light and glory spreading God's word.