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21 things I’ve learned in 21 years 

Yesterday was my 21st birthday so I decided to share with you 21 lessons that I have learned. I am so thankful for the 21 years God has given me so far and for the life he blessed me with. Not everyday is always good, but there is good in everyday. I am so thankful for the people, places and things that have been apart of my life over the years and where God has me today.

  1. God is so Faithful -  God is always faithful and his promises still remain. No matter what season I’ve walked through God has unfailingly showed me grace, love and mercy. 

  2. Family is everything- This year, I joined a new family and started my own with my husband I was reminded how important family is. Spending time with my biggest blessings, my husband and son is so special and a gift. Being able to be with extended family and having them close is something I am so thankful for and I wouldn’t have been able to transition into motherhood so smoothly if it wasn’t for them. Its such a blessing to have unconditional love and people who love me and my son so fiercely. 

  3. There is no timeline of how things should be done - I learned that there is no set order of how things have to happen. God has his own plan for each of us and we all walk different paths at different seasons of life

  4. Kindness if the best policy - Being nice is always the best choice.

  5. Friendship is a gift - Having true friends who are there through everything and stand by your side is honestly such a gift. This year I learned who my true friends are and I am so thankful for them.

  6. Forgiving Others is so Important- Holding grudges only hurts the one hanging on to the hate. 

  7. Do not judge anyone - I learned you really never know what someone is going through and its just not your place to judge them.

  8. There is always a reason to smile - No matter what there is always something to smile about

  9. . It’s Okay to Fail - its okay to mess up becasue sometimes the mess ups teach us the most 

  10. God always has a plan- enough said

  11. Not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay - I learned to stop trying to be a people pleaser and understand that not everyone is going to like me and thats okay. 

  12. Enjoy everyday - there is joy to be found in each and every single day 

  13. Save as much as you can - this one can be pretty obvious but I learned how important it is not only to save money but sentimental things like photos and such 

  14. Always say yes to ice cream - enough said 

  15. Marry your best friend - Marrying Ethan was the best decision of my life because he truly is my best friend. Our home is always filled with laughing and jokes. Since we are best friends we are able to be silly and love each other so deeply. I can’t stress enough how thankful I am for him & the wonderful man that he is.

  16. Being a mom is the biggest blessing - Caeden makes everyday so much sweeter and being his mom is the best calling I have in life.

  17. Spend less time on the phone and more time in real life - I learned that I need to spend less on my phone and more time just present in the moment. To appreciate the people and things right in front of me in my everyday life. 

  18. Everyday is a gift - Tomorrow is never promised and there is value in every moment we are given. 

  19. Surround yourself with kind people- I once heard a quote that goes something like you become the people you spend the most time with. And I think its true. I learned how important it is to surround my self with kingdom builders, who are kind, loving, and uplifting! 

  20. Enjoy exactly where God has you- Time goes by so fast and before I knew it I was in a new season of life. It feels like one day I was a little kid and the next I was an adult raising a kid of my own. Life goes by in the blink of a eye so I learned to just appreciate exactly where I am today, because before I know it this season will change

  21. Do not sweat the small stuff- Life is way to short and to precious to get upset over little things.