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The Truths You need to hear about social media

“I love what you do but sometimes I just feel like your joy and relationship with God is unobtainable” 

The other day one of my closest friends and I were hanging out and while we were talking about my online ministry she said that to me. And honestly I was really taken aback. 

I know her intention of saying it was not mean at all, but still I was caught off guard by the comment itself. 

It’s funny how one comment like that about yourself can really stick out and ring through your head.

When my friend said this, I know that she didn't mean anything rude by it or for it to come across with bad intention. I think a lot of people are skeptical about the content that influencers such as myself put out about their lives. I’m sure some people wonder as my friend did, is this really the reality they live in? That someone can’t truly be as joyful as they are in their pictures, right? Maybe it’s a struggle for onlookers because of the way people’s lives online are sold to us with perfect pictures plastered all over our instagram feeds. 

So here are some things to remember if maybe you feel skeptical about the way people present themselves on social media.

  1. Social media is a highlight reel. This is something I’v commonly heard said and it is 100% true. People are going to post things that they are proud of and the version of themselves they want shown to the world. You are going to see the happy moments, the good memories, and the moments of joy. You post things to remember, inspire or share. It’s way less common to see people posting things that are a low-light of their life. Your’e not going to share a video of you crying, or fighting with your sister, or a video of the break up you had with your boyfriend. I don't have any pictures of the pile of laundry I need to do, and I don’t have any videos posted courtesy of one of my and Ethan's arguments. 

So what I am trying to get at is this: Instagram and Facebook are all of the good moments we choose to share with the world. It might be bits and pieces of someones life, but not their whole story.

2. Comparison is a wrecking ball that swings both ways. This is a topic I've talked about in past blogs and podcasts and because comparison is so destructive. You can fall into one of two categories. You can either build yourself up, or tear someone else down (that someone could be you or someone else).  Both are sinful and you can never win. You get what you want, but someone gets the newer version. You start a new job and someone else gets a promotion. You learn a new instrument and someone makes a whole album. It’s a never ending never won battle. Because lets face it, there are tons and tons of people in the wold and there are always going to be people who have more or less then what you have. 

God didn't create us with the intention to ever bring anyone else down or tear down ourselves wishing we had more or were just slightly different. He created us to fiercely to love one another and to be uniquely made in our own way, each with our own purpose and plan.  God didn't make you to fit into her shoes, because he calls you to walk in your own 

Comparison allows a door to be opened that allows whispers of the enemy to creep in and cause you to believe lies. These are lies that contrast the truth the God made you wonderfully and fearfully and unique as yourself. 

3. Everything has a filter- I love lightroom and I’m a fan of a good filter just as much as the next girl, but it’s important to remember that most pictures posted on social media all have a filter over them. They are edited to be a bit brighter, more balanced, and vibrant than they were in the moment. The pictures shared are all enhanced in someway.  And more often than not, you usually have to take 10 or more pictures before getting a “postable" one. Everything from the right angles to finding good lighting goes into the final pictures we see on our phone screens. No one constantly lives in perfect lighting and looks like  a full snack 24/7. Everything you see is edited. From posts, captions, stories, videos and pictures. Filters and edits go into everything. 9 out of 10 times someone isn't going to show you their double chin pictures or bad lighting selfies. 

So what we see is real life, but it’s not reality. It’s just an enhanced version of it. 

I want to know how you feel and what you think about this. I want you to know that my life isn't perfect and my joy or relationship with God is not unobtainable. Because of being saved and know my savior I am able to have joy through difficulties because I know that my worth and identity comes from Christ Jesus. I know that I can be joyful because even when my circumstances aren't good, God still is.