Gabrielle is a public speaker who promotes a message of positivity while facing adversity. She is a cancer survivor and she truly believe that life is a gift and every situation can be made into a positive. Join Gabrielle as she shares with you her story and how you too can enrich your life with a positive outlook and limitless possibilities.

Keynotes and Programs

                                               Gold Ribbon Strong - Raising Awareness for Childhood Cancer

Program 1

Statistics show that cancer is the second leading cause of death in children. Gabrielle Flank is shining a light on childhood cancer awareness by sharing her personal story of survival. 
Objective: Raise awareness about childhood cancer

  • Increase funding for research to save more lives of children

  • Take a life altering experience and using it to foster positive change and development

                                               There wouldn't be a Rainbow without a little Rain

Program 2

How do you deal with a negative situation? The answer is you allow it to be a catalyst for something good! Turning a negative into a positive is possible when you take a step back and change your perspective.

Objective: Recognize a problem or situation that needs positive change

  • Use the power of positivity to influence and shape one's outlook

  • Take the appropriate steps to put positive change into action

                                               Innovation by Design - Don't Let Age Deter You From Reaching Your Goals

Program 3

Today's young people are tomorrow's creators and innovators. But why wait till tomorrow when you can make it happen today! Age is just a number and it should not deter you from accomplishing your dreams and passions.

Objectives: Envision yourself reaching and attaining your entrepreneurial goals

  • Stimulate creative thinking toward opening your own successful business

  • Believe that with hardwork and determination you can accomplish anything