How many times has something so bad happened that made you so upset that the only emotion you felt was anger. In life when something happens to us we have two options 

    1.    Reaction with anger, hostility and hold a grudge that will end up only hurting ourself or do we 

    2.    Let go of the anger, hostility and a grudge to forgive and pray for the person that hurt us.                                                                                             Its typically to react to a bad situation with anger and hate that could fester for years but its not healthy and the only one who suffers from grudges is the one who is holding them. 

Its okay to feel any emotion that comes to you but its important to rise above anger and hate and who forgiveness to others becomes the right thing to do. It may be hard but its the right thing to do if you want to be a bigger kinder person. 

I was a very athletic kid and right before my cancer diagnosis I signed up to play softball. My family and I couldn't understand why it was so hard for me to catch on to the sport! I could not catch, my running skills weren’t what they use to be and picking up ground balls was seemingly impossible for me to do. My whole softball team including the coaches and team parents weren’t understanding towards me, they made fun of me to my face and to my parents when I was only a 10 year old playing little league softball. It hurt me so bad and still left a bit of a scar on my heart years later. A few weeks before the season ended I was diagnosed with cancer and it became clear that the cancer was the reason everything was so hard for me to do! I don’t know how the people on the team felt after finding out my diagnosis, I don’t know if they realized the kid they made fun of was sick, I don’t know if any of them even felt bad for the hurtful words they said to a much younger me. They did send me one gift mailed to my hospital room which was a signed team soft ball. I was thankful for the softball to know at least the team took the time to sign and mail it to me.

 I forgave them. After a whole softball team of little girls, grown adult parents and adult coaches who  were suppose to be people to encourage and teach me, they made fun and tore me down. They made remarks to me that I will never forget, but I forgave them. 

I didn’t forgive them because I am a good person or because of the one softball they sent. I forgave them because as a follower of christ thats what I am called to do. Looking back now I don’t feel bad for me but rather I felt so sad for themselves, they had to tear someone else down. 

If I knew then what I know now I would have prayed for those people who had so much hurt, anger and insecurity that causes them to have to tear down a little girl to make themselves feel better or give them something to laugh about. 

The people who have nothing better to talk about then others are the ones I feel bad for. The people who are so insecure and unhappy with their own lives they have to pick apart and tear others down are the ones I feel bad for. Instead of reacting with anger toward bullies ,act with kindness and prayer, because they need it the most.

Happy and content people will not lash out with anger and hostility ,it is the people who hurt the most who feel the need to act in that way! 

"Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”- Colossian 3:13 

God gives us endless grace and forgiveness when we sin so as I am striving to be a Godly person I want to extend the same kind of expression of love to others. If I chose to hold a grudge or talk negatively of those people it would only hurt me because they probably feel nothing about the words they said and I would be the only one suffering. So I forgive them as I am called to do as a follower of Christ!

I want to challenge you to forgive others,  not for the person who hurt you but for your self and for God. When someone lashes out to hurt you think twice about your reaction and instead of hitting them back serve them a platter of kindness and prayers 

Have a blessed week,